Transition Region Quantization Offset

Is it possible to offset the quantization of a transition region? I have a loop that I want to transition to another loop at the end of any 4 bar phrase, but the loop doesn’t start until measure 26 (so it should transition on 26, 30, 34, etc). When I put every 4 bars, it bases it on bar numbers (28, 32, 36, etc). Do I have to manually put one every 4 bars or jerry-rig it with 2/4 bars so the loop actually starts on bar 28, or is there somewhere to set an offset?


For the purposes of quantization, beats and bars are counted from the most recent tempo marker; So, if you create a new tempo marker at measure 26, transition regions to the right of that tempo marker that are quantized to 4 bars will transition on bar numbers 26, 30, 34, and so on.

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