Trigger Box Change Parameter

Hello everyone! I am making a lever and I wonder what would be the best practice to change a parameter on a FMOD actor in my level, if I should use class blueprints or do it at the level blueprint.

At the level Blueprint it is using this whenever a player passes by the triggering part

I made this into a function so it look like this

Its kinda nice and working! But as there will be more and more and more events to trigger I think the level blueprint will be cluttered!

So I wonder for this case the best practice is to create a Triggering class blueprint, and add the code there ? Are there some examples of how I can reference my FMOD actor with the audio component? Should I do something like Casting the level for it?
Thanks I am pretty new, trying to find the best practices !

Ah ok, so what I did was to put the FMOD Audio Component inside a BP class, in this case I put inside the player itself.

Then created a BP class for the triggering box. Added a variable with instance editable ( so I can change the value per instance). And with this BP

It is better now as it wont pollute the level BP