Set a component parameter in a different blueprint

Is there an easy way to set a parameter of an FMOD component from a different blueprint?

i have my main audio system in the level blueprint and also a health system set up in the player character blueprint. i want to transition from the battle sequence to the lose sequence when health has run out, all work apart from the FMOD music component in the level blueprint still plays.

i have looked on the UE website in to communicating between blueprints but frankly it made my brain hurt!

Im also curious how to go about this. I was thinking of running all of our music logic (missions, menus, adaptive, source/world, etc) within its own centralized “Music Manager” Blueprint so that its not tied to any one level or actor, and then sending all of the necessary parameters to it via a function from their respective blueprints (ie. Player Health would have a function called “SendPlayerHealthToMusicSystem”), and you would then call this Function from your Music Manager blueprint. This way you wouldnt have logic being spread across many different level/character blueprints, and could keep it all contained within your Music Manager. I’m not too familiar with using functions yet, but if you come across a good example, please advise! This might be a better question for the UDN forum.

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i will let you know if i figure this out. i suspect you are right and this question would be better to ask on the UE forums - it does seem to be more of a UE conundrum rather than an FMOD one.

i am going to try sharing the variable with the level blueprint again.

i got this working by using a cast event node from a class blueprint to the main level blue print.

i am not sure if you can post links on here but if you go on to youtube and search for “cast event in ue4” you will find what you need.

good luck.

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