FMOD Studio Parameter Switch through Trigger Box

Hello there!

I was wondering if it is possible to switch the FMOD Studio Parameter from the sheets for example from 0 to 1 with a Triggerzone. In Unity this was pretty simple, but I don’t get it to work properly in Unreal. I try to use it to switch the Ambiences from catacombs to gallery. Maybe there is another way to accomplish that?


I’m unsure on your exact setup, but to set a parameter based on a TriggerZone, it should be a matter of (in both C++ and Blueprints) using an OnActorBeginOverlap event to set the parameter to the desired value. Can I get you to elaborate on your desired behavior, and whether you’re using C++ or Blueprints?

As for the general approach, for a local parameter you’ll need to have a reference to the FMODAudioComponent or EventInstance you want to set the parameter for. For BPs, you can use FMODAudioComponent’s Set Parameter node and EventInstance’s Set Parameter node respectively. In C++, you can use the same Set Parameter method for UFMODAudioComponent, or you can set the parameter directly on the EventInstance with one of EventInstance’s setParameter functions like Studio::EventInstance::setParameterByName.

If you’re instead setting a global parameter, you can use Set Global Parameter By Name in a BP. For C++, you can use one of the Studio::System functions like Studio::System::setParameterByName.

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