Trigger "Cooldown"

I have several Transition Markers stacked atop each other, each with a probability of being triggered, and I’m seeking a method to ensure that a marker isn’t activated again within the next 5 seconds. Is there a feasible approach to achieve this?

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There is a way to do this, though it will take a small amount of effort to set up:

  1. For each transition marker you want to have a cooldown, create one new continuous parameter with the range 0-5.
  2. Give each of your transition markers a parameter condition based on its corresponding new parameter, and set the range of this parameter condition to 0.00-0.00.
  3. Set each parameter’s velocity to -1.00/s.
  4. At the destination of each transition marker, create a command instrument.
  5. Set each new command instrument’s command type to “Set Parameter,” set its target to the parameter, and set its value to 5.

Whenever the transition marker causes the playback position to move, the command instrument at its destination will set the parameter to a value at which the transition marker won’t trigger. The parameter’s negative velocity will then ensures it returns to a value at which the transition marker can trigger again.


Thanks for the clever workaround! Are cooldowns something you’re planning to implement?

Yes and no. We do have an item in a feature and improvement tracker to support logic markers that automatically deactivate themselves as part of being triggered, but no item for making them automatically reactivate themselves after a specific period of time.

Would you like me to add a note to the item suggesting we add automatic reactivation after a period of time as an option?

Yes please, I think that could be useful in various cases!

Sure thing! I’ve updated the item with that note, and added you to the list of people who’re interested.

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