Triggered Once Script

Hi! I wonder, if it is possible to make the function “Trigger Once” reloadable?

E.g. I have some object, which I need to go through. Behind this object, there is a room, where I need to have another ambience. I need that after going through this object, FMOD starts the Snapshot (to change the ambience). I want to create a triggered collider on the object and put Event Emiter with the Snapshot. Then I create a condition Trigger Enter. BUT the snapshot works only when I stay INSIDE the object. When I put triggered once it works well (The player touch the collider -> snapshot starts). BUT, as it Triggered just ONCE, I can’t change the snapshot again, when I try to EXIT the room (and go through THE OBJECT once again.)

So, can you help me?

Would you be able to use a trigger volume that encases the entire room instead? That way don’t need to use the ‘trigger once’ option.

The point is that I can’t encase the room. It’s unusual form with some elements going outside. That’s why I need some trigger to just switch on/off the ambience. Or it’s always need to encase the space where I need to change the sounding? And where can I find “trigger volume” function?

You can use Compound Colliders for complex shapes.