A snapshot is triggered even though the empty object it is attached to is not triggered

I have created an empty object with a sphere collider (“is triggered” on) to which a FMOD student event emitter is attached. The event has two instruments. one with a single instrument of some ambience, and the other with a snapshot (basically a reverb etc.).
When the game starts, it seems that the snapshot is triggered (but not the other single instrument in the event) even though I have not triggered the empty object. When I trigger enter and exit, everything works normally. Is there anything I can do to fix this issue?

Are you sure you didn’t change the default reverb state when setting the snapshot? I did find that somewhat confusing and prone to mistakes: I thought the snapshot was selected and modifications I’m doing only concerns this snapshot but in fact it wasn’t selected and I’m changing the default state.
Or don’t you mistakenly trigger the same snapshot in another event? When you exit the collision sphere, does the snapshot seem to continue to play?

Thanks for your quick reply.
I don’t thin I changed the default reverb setting. The reason I know this is because once I get in and outside the sphere collision (used as a trigger) once, everything works as expected. It’s just that at the initial stage, when the game first starts, only the snapshot is triggered. And I know that there is no other event that calls for that snapshot. At this point, my project is really simple.
Again, I wonder somehow Unity is calling this snapshot by default…

So at the beginning, the snapshot is triggered, when you enter the collision sphere the snapshot stays triggered, and when you exit the collision sphere the snapshot is untriggered, isn’t it?

yes, that’s exactly what’s happening. Is there anything I can check to solve this?

I solved the issue. The collision tag was set to “Untagged” (and the Character was also set to Untagged for the tag, so it was somehow working), but now I changed both of them to “Player” and it now works! A simple mistake…

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