Triggers not triggering

Hey, so here is my situation.

I have a collider and Fmod studio listener placed on my main character >

I have an Fmod studio event emitter placed on a game object inside inside of a room in the game >

the room is enveloped in a box collider marked to be a trigger, tied to that I have one Fmod studio global parameter trigger with the trigger set to “trigger enter” collision tag “player” and one set the same but “trigger exit” >

I have a parameter in the aforementioned emitter that plays a separate piece of audio to phase in as you enter the room >

Yet the trigger once entered by the player does nothing. what am I doing wrong?

This is more of a Unity question, but make sure both gameobjects have colliders and at least one has a rigidbody component. The collision trigger works as expected in our tests.