Triggering one shots when parameter is moving in 1 direction ?

What is the best way to trigger a one shot only when a parameter is moving in one direction. For example, I am trying to trigger a one shot when the distance parameter hits 50 (coming from 0) but not when the distance parameter hits 50 (coming from 100). I can use volume automation and logic to stop the one shot from playing at anything below 50 but that technique will allow the one shot to play if the distance parameter moves from 100 to 50 (and stays at 50).
Is there any way of only triggering this one shot when the parameter is increasing and not decreasing ?

In your particular case, there may be a simple solution: Extend the trigger region so that it runs from 50 to 100. Since the sound module will only be triggered when the cursor enters it, it won’t re-enter it until the parameter value drops back below 50 and then rises up to 50 again.

To answer your broader question: No, there is no easy way to set a trigger region to be triggered or not based on the direction of cursor movement at this time. We do plan to implement this feature in a future release, but until then the only option is to use workarounds such as the one I described above, or to manually control the parameter value in your game’s code.

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