Triggering sounds at cursor location during looping section

Hi All,

Not sure the title describes this perfect but I’m very new to FMOD and am struggling with some terminology. Bare with me!

The situation:

  • I have numerous Scatterer Sounds over several audio tracks which loop eternally to make an ambient sporadic background theme. As well as this I have 3 sounds I want to “trigger” without the loop being interrupted.

I have 3 multi sounds that each contain 3 short string phrases. I want these to be triggered when I turn a parameter from 0-1 and for them to play over the loop and from wherever the cursor is on the timeline. BUT I want it to trigger one of the 3 sounds in each multi-sound at random.

So, for example, I have “Enter Cave” as an on/off style parameter, when I turn it on, I want it to trigger the “Enter Cave” Multisound and choose one of the sounds randomly, then play that instantly regardless of where in the ambient loop the cursor is.

Does this make sense? If so can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!!

Hi Declan,

If I’m understanding your question properly: You can place the multi instrument onto the parameter itself. These instruments will be triggered when the parameter playback position crosses over the instruments trigger region.

If you want the parameter value to “reset” after triggering (eg. you only set the parameter value to 1 and it resets to 0 after triggering the instrument(s)), then you can set a negative Velocity on the parameter. To see an example of this, check out the “Stinger” parameter on the Level 01 and Level 03 music events in the FMOD Studio Examples project.


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Hi Richard,

Your first solution works great, thank you very much. I am intrigued by the second idea though, can’t seem to find the “stinger” element you mention? Are you referring to the Oriental project whereby it opens the transition space and the sample is kind of within that?

Again apologies if the terminology is off, newbie here!

Thanks again

@DeclanBell It sounds like you’re opening an older version of the examples project. The events which Richard was describing are only present in the version of the examples project that’s packaged with FMOD Studio 1.10.05 or later.

Note that, on Windows, when you install a new version of FMOD Studio, the examples project you have on disk is automatically replaced with the version included in the installer. As a result, the version of examples.fspro found on a Windows user’s hard drive the one included with whichever FMOD Studio version they installed last.

In any case, parameter velocity is found in FMOD Studio versions 1.10.00 and later. A parameter with velocity continually changes value whenever the event is playing, much like a timeline. You can add velocity to any game parameter (other than a built-in parameter) by selecting that parameter, then adjusting the “Velocity” knob in the deck.