Triggering (the same) Event While Doesn't Stopping Audio

I have a situation when I’m trying to trigger a continuous movement for a character. My approach is each time it moves I trigger the event - let’s call it “wisp_movement”.

Issue is that each time I trigger the event the audio from that event stops. Is there any way to keep the audio playing? Do I have to tell the programmer to stop the event each time the character stops and add a AHDSR or is there any way to keep triggering the same event without stopping the audio? Also tried “persistent” but the audio keeps stopping whenever I trigger the event again. The audio in the event has a nice tail that I want to keep overlapping whenever I trigger it again.

You should tell the programmer to play each time a new instance (or at least an instance not actually playing) of the event. If the instance is already playing and is asked to start, it will stop and restart. Also check you didn’t limit the “max instances” of the event, but I guess it’s not the problem here.