UE 4.12 and Fmod on Mac/iOS

Hello and have a nice day.
I download fmod plugin for UE 4.12 and “tutorial completed project”.
I have compiled “fmod tutorial project” on ios. In Unreal Engine Editor sound works, but compiled app on iOS silents…
I did all steps for recompile plugin, create new one clean project. Nothing help

Please help.

OS X 10.11.6, UE 4.12.5, Xcode 7.3, macbook air, ipad 4.

I can provide logs if needs.

I’m going to try to reproduce it here and investigate.

Go to the project and make sure there is a Mobile platform, then export banks for all platforms. The UE4 integration will use Desktop banks on the PC, and Mobile on iOS.

You can also look for logs, there will be errors or warnings if the bank files are not found.

Iwl try and answer later