What is the FMOD release date for UE 5.4.2?

When should we expect the release of FMOD for version UE 5.4.2?


It will be supported in our next update.

I am running on 5.4.2 already and the project runs and compiles fine with the latest version.

Do you have Windows or MacOS?


Could you write down the instructions for installing FMOD? Did you install it in the UE folder itself, or in the project folder?

Copied it into the project’s plugin folder and compiled the project.

Please note the current integration is built against 5.4.1 so there may be unexpected behavior.

I understand you can’t commit to a date, but is there an approximate release timescale? i.e., would it be days, weeks, months?

With Unreal 5.4.2, I can’t use FMOD Studio 2.03.01 at all. The unreal editor will not open at all if the FMOD for Unreal 5.4 plugin is placed in the Engine/Plugins folder - this is loading from the epic games launcher, so it’s not tied to a specific project. When Unreal tries to load, I get the error ‘Plugin FMODStudio failed to load because FMOD studio can’t be found’, then it just kicks me back to the Epic games launcher.

For info, I’ve also got Unreal 5.2 and FMOD Studio 2.02 on this machine, which loads and works fine.


The 5.4.2 integration has now been released on our downloads page: FMOD Downloads | Unreal Integration.

Please try with the latest update and let me know if the issue persists.