UE4 C++ crash when using multiple systems?

Hi, Whenever I stop PIE in the unreal editor I get Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x00000030. when using the rider for UE4 debugger it just repeats the same message to me and doesn’t point me in any direction. I am using multiple systems that share DSP effects and I thought that might be the issue but nope that seems to be working fine. even trying to release the 2nd system I get the crash. this also seems to be a lot less stable and consistent in shipping build with it crashing every other time I stop the recording of the 2nd system. I have also had the debugger in the past scream at me saying ‘still in mixer thread’ but have not seen the issue after revising my code. does anyone have a clue why this might be a thing?

ue4 version: 4.25.4
FMOD version: 2.01.07

Depending on the logging level of FMOD, set in the FMOD UE4 Plugin settings, you may be able to get some more logging from FMOD.

Any logs or a repro of the problem would be helpful in figuring out the cause.

sorry for taking a long time to reply. I found out what my issue was. I have 2 systems and I switch between them often and I thought I should use the same DSP effect to make it easy to manage DSP effects. turns out sharing DSP effects on systems causes issues :man_facepalming:

I have resolved the solution now by having a second DSP for the second system.

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