Using GVR Plugin in Unity for VR/Non VR game

Hello. We are building a game in Unity that works in both VR and Non VR mode on PSVR, Oculus, and Vive. I have a question about using Spatial Audio created in FMOD Studio in games that switch between VR and Non VR modes. We have the most current version of Unity, FMOD Studio, and FMOD Unity Plugin.

Do we need to alter the normal FMOD Listener and FMOD Audio Players we currently have in the game to play the spatial audio or is this something that the FMOD Plugin handles on its own?

Also since PSVR uses a different Plugin for spatial audio than PC VR headsets use, when the FMOD Plugin imports the PSVR banks into the streaming assets, with the FMOD Listener and FMOD Audio Players switch from GVR Spatial Audio to the type the PS4 FMOD Plugin creates?

I apologize if my question is confusing.

Hi Don,

You only need to alter one setting in Unity which is adding the Google VR plugin (placing “gvraudio” into the plugins section of the FMOD settings in Unity) when building for PC and removing it when building for PSVR. There is no need to adjust any other settings in Unity.

If you are using the Unity Google VR Room Reverb effect, you will also need to remove this when building for PSVR.

You have probably figured out that you need two separate FMOD projects - one for the Google VR plugin and one for the 3D Object Panner. When building for your respective platforms you will need Unity to switch FMOD projects. There is no need to tell Unity to use different listeners.

Let me know if you need more info.


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Hi Richard,

Thank you very much. That clarifies things and is way easier than I thought it would be.