UE4 Sequencer Support?

(Greg Nicolett) #1

Wondering if sequencer support has been added yet…I found a couple threads from 7-8 months ago requesting it but haven’t seen followup.

Looking briefly at UE4 it looks like the sequencer audio track does not see FMOD events, so I guess not?

If it’s NOT supported, are there any issues that may come up if we use UE4 audio for cinematics only in an otherwise FMOD project?

(Cameron Baron) #2

UE4 Sequencer support has only recently been added, in versions 1.08.17 & 1.09.03.

At the moment events cannot be added directly to the sequencer track, an object with a FMOD Audio Component must be placed on the track first.

FMOD events can be started and stopped and event parameters can be controlled by adding custom tracks to sequencer.