UE4 Sequencer?

(John Scott Tynes) #1

Hi folks,

Do you have any updates on support for the UE4 Sequencer tool? We are working on a VR project with extensive mocap and audio needs and are using Sequencer as our primary tool for assembling cinematic content.

(Andrew Scott) #2

Support for the UE4 Sequencer is still on our list but it hasn’t been scheduled yet. I’ll bump its priority based on your interest but I can’t give you a forecast date for its completion. Check back in a few months.

(Alec Brady) #3

We’ll also be needing Sequencer support! Definitely huge for us.

(Andrew Scott) #4

Ok, noted Alec. Priority bumped again.

(Tom Hegarty) #5

Hello! We’re also in need of this feature, would be good to get a an update on when this might be incoming please.

(Andrew Scott) #6

Priority bumped again. I’ll investigate the possibility of getting this in for Dec or Jan. No promises as yet though!