UE5 Preview 1 plugin update


We are wondering if you guys have plans to update plugin to work with the newly release UE 5 Preview 1.

  1. Is anyone already working on this? If yes, do you have an ETA?
  2. Is this an easy straight forward step or did Epic make big changes from Early Access that broke it and it is requiring a lot of work /modifications in the code to update it?

TL:DR We are currently working with UE5 EA and want to update to Preview 1 for all of the improvements. The only thing holding us back is Fmod Plugin. We have only about 2 weeks left on the deadline for the project and we are hoping by then the plugin will be updated.

Would highly appreciate any inputs/thoughts on this.

We are in the process of updating to preview 1 and our next release will have official support.
The hope is to have the release out within the next week or so, but that will depend on whether QA find any issues.

Thank you for answering Mathew!

Will there be a notification sent out when it gets updated?

You can sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of the main website, we send one out each release with the patch notes.

Hello Mathew, sorry to insist on this but we have to decide how we’re going to release. Do you have any updates on the plugin for UE5 Preview release date?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

We are still working towards getting the release out, but the UE5 work is now complete. I got the developer to push the required changes to our UE5 branch on GitHub if you need it fixed right away.

fmod/fmod-for-unreal at 2.02-UE5.00 (github.com)

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Thank you Mathew. We couldn’t have been more unlucky with the timing. I think that next day after you guys pushed on GitHub , UE5 Preview 2 was out.

Yeah, we are scrambling to verify compatibility for Preview 2 as well (for the release).
Preliminary checks seem like we don’t require any explicit changes to support it (the Preview 1 changes were sufficient).

Is that what you are seeing too?

Our devs tried to compile it for Preview 2 also and mentioned that they had 20+ errors. I don’t know if that means explicit changes or just some quick string updates.

Could you share the errors you are getting?