Many FMOD events not being played after player starts are greater than 4

Hey Everyone!

So I’m working on a multiplayer vehicular combat game and something odd has started happening in game mode tests vs previews within the Unreal editor. When anyone tries to engage the game mode in a map, many of the FMOD events simply won’t play. The kicker is, when you just right click and preview a vehicle from any spot on a map, all events and processing work for that vehicle.

I’m thinking it has to do with some kind of cap on events within Unreal because if only 4 vehicles spawn into the map, all events will work fine, but if you get 6 vehicles, only the vehicle engine events play along with sound cues that are still being called from Unreal itself. Unfortunately I don’t know Unreal very well to know if there IS in fact something that caps events coming out of FMOD

I’d be eternally grateful if anybody could shed some light on this one :grin:

Found the solution in the FMOD plugin project settings. Increasing the number of real channels worked.