Unable to load module UE4Editor-FMODStudioEditor.dll' because the file couldn't be loaded by the OS

Hi! When packaging my Unreal C++ project I get the following warnings and error:

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogModuleManager: Warning: ModuleManager: Unable to load module ‘…/Plugins/FMODStudio/Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor-FMODStudioEditor.dll’ because the file couldn’t be loaded by the OS.

PackagingResults: Warning: ModuleManager: Unable to load module ‘…/Plugins/FMODStudio/Binaries/Win64/UE4Editor-FMODStudioEditor.dll’ because the file couldn’t be loaded by the OS.

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogUObjectArray: Warning: Invalid object index 6553701

PackagingResults: Warning: Invalid object index 6553701

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogWindows: Error: begin: stack for UAT
UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogWindows: Error: === Critical error: ===
UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogWindows: Error:
UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogWindows: Error: Assertion failed: GIsHotReload [File:D:\Build++UE4\Sync\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\UObjectBase.cpp] [Line: 606]

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): LogWindows: Error: Trying to recreate class ‘AFMODAmbientSound’ outside of hot reload!


Unreal Version: 4.20.3

Thanks in advance!

Anyone? :slight_smile:

I cannot say that error looks familiar.
What version of FMOD are you using?
Have you tried re-importing the FMOD-UE4 integration to make sure nothing is missing?

Hi Cameron, re-importing the integration worked!

Thanks for the help!

Hi again! Unfortunately, this issue keeps coming back.

As a workaround, I have to close the Unreal-editor, rebuild the project in Visual Studio and after that open the Unreal-editor again and package the project. This takes a lot of time.

FMOD Studio: 1.10.05
UE4 Integration: 4.20.3

Thanks in advance!

This should only occur when the integration source code is changed.

How often does this occur?
Does it normally happen after something specific?

Can you test this in a new/empty project to see if it still occurs?

Unfortunately, I don’t have time for that at the moment. It seems to occur in conjunction with “Hot Reload” if I have both Visual Studio and Unreal open at the same time and have compiled my project. As the error says it’s something with Hot Reload:

Those days I only work in Unreal (i.e. Visual Studio is closed and no compiling of code) it seems to work to package the project at any time.