#unassigned in Nested Event

Just curious as to what this means in Fmod -

I have a #unassigned in my Nested Event module of a referenced event, but it plays and works as it should in Fmod, by the way it sounds.

You also get #unassigned if a sound event has not been assigned to a bank, but it didn’t look as thought there was an option to assign a nested event to a bank?

Will this cause problems for me later?

The ‘#unassigned’ tag indicates that an event isn’t assigned to a bank. It isn’t necessary to assign a nested event to a bank, as nested and referenced events are automatically included in any bank that contains an event in which they are referenced.

The presence of the ‘#unassigned’ tag on a nested event therefore indicates that your nested event isn’t referenced by its parent event, and that there is therefore no way for that particular nested event to be played in your game. This may or may not be a problem, depending on whether the event sound module that referenced it was deleted deliberately or accidentally.