Accessing nested events in unity

Hello, I’ve come from using wwise and am a bit new to Fmod so was looking a for a way to emulate the parenting hierarchy for sound properties (volume/sends/panning) and thought nested events might do the trick. I’m having trouble actually playing back and accessing nested events from unity. Nested events do not appear in the studio event emtter drop down, and pasting the event path just comes up with ‘event not found’. What is it I’m doing wrong or am I fundamentally misunderstanding how nested events work? Thanks in advance.

There is some information on Nested Events in our docs that might be helpful too:

If an Event doesn’t appear in the Unity Event Browser or the Studio Event Emitter drop down it could be caused by the Event not being assigned to a Bank in Studio.

Hi guys, digging stuff from 2019

I have a similar issue where nested events in an event are not showing in Unity’s “Fmod Events” window.
Is it by design ?

Those nested events cannot be used outside of the parent event, you can create a separate event and reference it in another event but by adding an Event Instrument to an event it creates an internal event that can only route through the parent.