Unity 3D android audio problem

Hello, today I have downloaded FMOD Studio for the first time, I tried to make a car engine, everything perfect but only one problem, loading it on Unity 3D (windows) I have encountered this problem:

in this video you can see the result on Unity Editor and Android Devices.

any help is well accepted.
Regards, Joseph.

I’m experiencing the very same effect with OnePlus One -android devices. Sound crackles & plays at very slow tempo. Any solutions yet? I’m using 1.05.12 version of fmod unity integration plugin

one plus is running cyanogenmod i believe? might this be the cause for the sound problem

I also have CyanogenMod on my Galaxy S2

any word from FMOD-developers on this? any kind of workarounds are very welcome since cyanogenmod is pretty popular

edit: now i’m using 1.05.13 and problem persists

It sounds like you’re hitting 100% CPU. Try using the FMOD Studio profiling tools.

I do not think I’m using 100% CPU I also put a fps counter and are stable at 60 fps,
I do not know how to use FMOD Studio profiling tools.

For details about using the Studio profiler: https://fmod.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1595901-getting-started-with-studio-s-profiler

The same problem on HTC Sensation (4.0.3 stock) and Galaxy S2 (CyanogenMod)

I manually set the size of the DSP buffer, 512х8 (or 1024x4) enough, at lower values the sound begins to lag. I wrote sys.setDSPBufferSize(512, 8); before ERRCHECK(sys.setSoftwareFormat(outputRate, FMOD.SPEAKERMODE.DEFAULT, 0));
in FMOD_StudioSystem.cs and it solved the problem. Works perfect!

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Glad to hear that worked for you, that was going to be my next suggestion.

didn’t work on OnePlus One devices. Going to do some more testing and post results

Niko Koski, try this file instead of the strandart FMOD_StudioSystem.cs https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By0Twmu0pmoiRDBtbVVyVjhDeGM/view?usp=sharing

On Galaxy S2 (CyanogenMod) DSP buffer size 1024x4 works perfect. With 512x8 lags remained.

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yeah 1024x4 worked, thx a lot guys