Unity 3D android audio problem

(PeppeProduction) #1

Hello, today I have downloaded FMOD Studio for the first time, I tried to make a car engine, everything perfect but only one problem, loading it on Unity 3D (windows) I have encountered this problem:

in this video you can see the result on Unity Editor and Android Devices.

any help is well accepted.
Regards, Joseph.

(Niko Koski) #2

I’m experiencing the very same effect with OnePlus One -android devices. Sound crackles & plays at very slow tempo. Any solutions yet? I’m using 1.05.12 version of fmod unity integration plugin

(Niko Koski) #3

one plus is running cyanogenmod i believe? might this be the cause for the sound problem

(PeppeProduction) #4

I also have CyanogenMod on my Galaxy S2

(Niko Koski) #5

any word from FMOD-developers on this? any kind of workarounds are very welcome since cyanogenmod is pretty popular

edit: now i’m using 1.05.13 and problem persists

(Nicholas Wilcox) #6

It sounds like you’re hitting 100% CPU. Try using the FMOD Studio profiling tools.

(PeppeProduction) #7

I do not think I’m using 100% CPU I also put a fps counter and are stable at 60 fps,
I do not know how to use FMOD Studio profiling tools.

(Mathew Block) #8

For details about using the Studio profiler: https://fmod.desk.com/customer/portal/articles/1595901-getting-started-with-studio-s-profiler

(Vasiliy Maksimenko) #9

The same problem on HTC Sensation (4.0.3 stock) and Galaxy S2 (CyanogenMod)

(Vasiliy Maksimenko) #10

I manually set the size of the DSP buffer, 512х8 (or 1024x4) enough, at lower values the sound begins to lag. I wrote sys.setDSPBufferSize(512, 8); before ERRCHECK(sys.setSoftwareFormat(outputRate, FMOD.SPEAKERMODE.DEFAULT, 0));
in FMOD_StudioSystem.cs and it solved the problem. Works perfect!

(Mathew Block) #11

Glad to hear that worked for you, that was going to be my next suggestion.

(Niko Koski) #12

didn’t work on OnePlus One devices. Going to do some more testing and post results

(Vasiliy Maksimenko) #13

Niko Koski, try this file instead of the strandart FMOD_StudioSystem.cs https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By0Twmu0pmoiRDBtbVVyVjhDeGM/view?usp=sharing

(Vasiliy Maksimenko) #14

On Galaxy S2 (CyanogenMod) DSP buffer size 1024x4 works perfect. With 512x8 lags remained.

(Niko Koski) #15

yeah 1024x4 worked, thx a lot guys