Unity 4.6.8 Pro integration 1.07.03 doesn't work


I’m trying to import your package in Unity4 (I have a project made with this version and for me is not possible to use Unity5 atm), but as imported it throw up a bounce of errors.

First one is this one:
if (!AssetDatabase.IsValidFolder(“Assets/Resources”))

if I fix with:
if (!System.IO.Directory.Exists(“Assets/Resources”))

the resault is other errors (a lot of errors)

Import the same package in Unity5 is fine

Thank you for your support

Same issue with you, Alessandro

As you know ,the official has changed download page description,“Integration 2.0 (Unity 5 Only)”

Bug fixed! LOL :slight_smile:

Sorry for my last comment. My English isn’t good enough,maybe it will cause some misapprehend.
Looking forward to integration v2 works in Unity 4.

1.07.04 will be compatible with Unity 4.6 Pro.