Unity Import Type - Bug?

I just noticed that my streaming assets folder isn’t being updated. I looked at the EventManager code and saw this:

        [MenuItem("FMOD/Refresh Banks", priority = 1)]
        public static void RefreshBanks()
            string result = UpdateCache();
            if (Settings.Instance.ImportType == ImportType.AssetBundle)


Shouldn’t that be:

            if (Settings.Instance.ImportType == ImportType.StreamingAssets)

The Unity editor read from the Bank source directory to facilitate playback, so we only copy to streaming assets when doing a stand alone build of the game. Additionally we also copy the assets for AssetBundles to facilitate mapping them within the editor (this will be changing with our next release however).

Ahhh OK, thanks for explaining that! I was debugging something else and came across this and it made my scratch my head. Sorry to bother you, and thanks!