Unity 5 integration 1.06.09 problems

I’m experiencing several issues with the Unity 5 integration package.
After locating the Build folder I managed to do some work inside Unity. When updating the FMOD project (and after rebuilding it), Integration fails to import the new bank, both when refreshing event list and importing banks.
What happens is that the new banks are located in the StreamingAssets folder but are not present in the FMODAssets folder.
In addition to this, after I deleted by mistake the FMODAssets folder, I’m not being able to recreate it, even importing again the Integration package.
Although this should mean I’ve lost all the assets (the asset fields of every FMOD StudioEventEmitters are empty), they are still present in the game and they playback correctly.
This is completely stopping me to make any change to the sound in the project.

Thank you in advance for the help!

The solution to this was to delete all the banks, assign all the events to the master bank, deleting the content of the Build folder in my Fmod project and re-importing the master bank only. After that I recreated the banks and refreshed the events. Now it works but could be a bug.