Unity integrations

I am trying to setup project but have problems with importing.
My teammate builds Fmode project with banks and push it with git. On his pc it works fine and there are events and all banks.
But when I pull it, fmode plugin can’t find any banks though I correctly set the path to fsproject and build banks (and yes I can see them in my project). And all time it logs “Fmod project does not contain any build banks”

I’m afraid we’ll need more information to identify the cause of this problem.

When you say you can see the banks in your project, where can you see them? Do you mean the .bank files are present on your hard drive, or that they appear in one of Unity’s browsers? Where is your Unity project looking for the built bank files? Which version of the FMOD Unity integration are you using, and what version is your teammate using?

Having the same problem here, 2.01.07 integration.

version 2.01.07 me and my mate
Yes, banks are in the project
path to banks "Assets / Plugins / FMOD / MyFmode / Banks and I apply this path in settings

Can you see if a “*.strings.banks” file is being generated? For me the FMOD Studio project bugged out and stopped generating that file, which was the problem as Unity front end would proc the error without pointing to this.