Unity Build issues with GVR

Hi, I was experience some issues trying to build for Win x86, due to a missing gvraudio.dll. Versions of the software are:

Unity 5.5.4p4
FMOD 1.09.01
FMOD Unity API 1.09.01

I reinstalled the API, believing it was an issue with it, and no deal. Upon looking at the meta, it had this there:

enabled: 1
CPU: None

After tweaking with it, namely, including gvraudio on the editor and messing around with CPU and Platforms, I got it to show:

enabled: 1

So I believe there is an issue with writing meta files somewhere there :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m also having issues with building for linux x86, so, as a second question, why there isn’t a libgvraudio.so on the x86 plugin folder?

Thanks for letting us know, it does look like the meta files aren’t correct.

As for the Linux lib, both x86 & x86_64 use the same lib, but the meta file for that doesn’t match up.

I will make sure these are fixed up for the next release.

Sorry for the misinformation, it looks like Google do not supply a Linux x86 lib for FMOD.
You would be best off making a request over at their github: https://github.com/googlevr/gvr-audio-fmod-sdk

Hey Cameron, thanks for the reply, will ask there.
As a heads up. I wasn’t able to test on Mac/Android/iOS so maybe it’s a good idea to check on them too :stuck_out_tongue: