Excluding GVRAudio Plugin from PS4 builds

Hello. We are making a game for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and PSVR. We are using the Google gvraudio Plugin for spatial sound for the Oculus and Vive but not for the PS4. We added the gvraudio Plugin in the FMOD settings window in Unity and everything is working good on PC builds but when we build to the PS4, we get errors about gvraudio Plugin missing. We tried removing the Plugin from the FMOD settings window in Unity before building to PS4 but then we get a lot of FMOD errros in the Unity Console about missing the gvraudio Plugin.

How can we include this Plugin on PC builds but exclude it from the PS4 since it uses a different audio type without getting errors on either platform? We’re using the normal 3D planner for the PS4 for spatial sound.

I would suggest having a separate bank for the GoogleVR and normal 3D panner events.
By doing this you can choose to load and play from a specific bank at runtime, depending on the platform.

Normally plugins are loaded when the system is initialized at the start of the game.
You can force the Studio System to run with missing plugins by adding a flag to the studio initialization in the RuntimeManager (FMOD.Studio.INITFLAGS.ALLOW_MISSING_PLUGINS).

Hi Cameron,

Thank you for responding. We did do a separate bank for the PS4 and in the FMOD settings, under Consoles - PS4 we set to use the PS4 bank. Our current banks are set for Desktop and PS4 and those banks have events set to use either GVRAudio or 3D Panner. On the PS4, we are calling events that do not have the GVRAudio in them. Maybe we exported something out incorrectly.

I will also try adding a flag as well. This is our first time using FMOD in Unity so we probably have something setup incorrectly.

Normally you will get errors if your Studio project requires a plugin and it is not included in the game, eg. there is no gvraudio lib for PS4.

It sounds like you have setup the Studio Project correctly so the flag will then allow the game to load and run FMOD without the specified plugin.