Unity can't find custom FMOD build path

Hi all,
I’ve got FMOD Studio set up to build into the Unity assets folder (to work with Unity Collab).
I’ve imported the FMOD package to the Unity project, and connected Unity to my FMOD project.

I’m getting an error that the current build path doesn’t have any built data.
Unity is clearly looking for the banks in the standard FMOD build directory.

Shouldn’t Unity see that the project is using a custom build directory and check there?

I can change the FMOD plugin settings in Unity and give it the build path instead of the project path, but I imagine there’s a benefit to connecting Unity to the project rather than the build path or they wouldn’t give you the option.

As a separate question, does anyone know what the difference is between giving unity the FMOD project or the build path? I imagine it’s to do with editing the FMOD project while playing the game… but I’m pretty sure that’s not quite right.

Thanks a lot!
-Chris Eickelman

Thanks for your feedback Chris, it does make sense for the plugin to be able to find the build path. I will add this to our task tracker for future improvement.

To answer your second question, it makes no difference to the Unity project what build path you use. The multiple options are only to make it easier for different types of teams to work together. In some projects not everyone will have access to the Studio project, it’s just an option that is available and won’t affect the overall project depending on which one you use.

Thanks a lot Cameron!

Hi everyone,
It’s may be too late to reply this, but your question was precisly the one I was looking for. As a sound designer and fresh new FMOD user, I’m still wondering: what is the specific utility of the “Project” path option? compared to the others the result seems to be the same, I must build banks in each case, when I thought I would just have to save in FMOD to see my changes in the Unity event browser (with Live Update Off), but maybe I’m missing something…
Reading the User’s Guide, I thought the good way to proceed was to check “single or multiple platform build” for every developers of the game exept for me, working with the “Project” option…

Another thing is that in project mode, if I build my banks into a versioned directory in my Unity project (under “Assets”) they are not refreshed in Unity, because not copied anymore into the “StreamingAssets” folder (it only works if I build banks into the “Build” directory of my FMOD project, but unfortunately I’ll have to place them manually to commit them later).

these are the two reasons why I choose not to use the “Project” option, but maybe they’re not right or pertinent?
any help is welcome, thanks

Currently the integration only uses the built banks for data in the project. The only real advantage to using the ‘Project’ option is that the Integration will look in the default build folder/s for banks, but you can also use this option before you built any banks.

We do have plans to overhaul the integration and adding some functionality for the integration and Studio being able to share information.