Fmod Unity integration problem

I have a problem. Our game is on VSO and we are using git to manage our project. I have download project, integrate music and sfx’s with FMOD and commit to server. My friend says that he has FMOD dialog box but path is not set. What should I do to make it independent from my computer and my path to fmod project?

I downloaded project completely again and it works fine…
p.s I thought that when i build banks from f mod it creates assets in Unity and fmod project is not needed anymore. Where should I save my FMOD project? Into asset folder??

I found this:

I set up multiple platform build and set path in fmod to store banks in unity project.
I wonder where should i save fmod project? Can it be stiil on my PC or should I save it in Unity project and commit with other stuff?

There are a couple ways you can go about this.
You could make the path the same for everyone (eg. C:/StudioProjectFolder/) then everyone works out of the same directory but on their own pc.

Otherwise depending on the teams workflow, you could use a relative directory from the Unity project. For example, if the Studio project was located next to the Unity project root folder, the Studio Project Path would be “…\StudioProject*.fspro”.