Unity Collab team mates can't hear my sounds

I’m trying to use FMOD with Unity Collab, but whenever I publish my sounds to the project, my team mates can’t hear the sounds.

I’ve already followed the tutorial at https://qa.fmod.com/t/using-fmod-with-unity-collab/13398, but they still can’t hear the sounds.

If anyone knows how to help, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you,

Can you confirm what you have set the FMOD Studio Unity integration’s settings for finding banks? You need to ensure that either:

  1. If set to “Project” then all teammates need the entire FMOD Studio project needs to be checked in and in the same location (eg. the root folder) on each machine
  2. If set to “Single Platform Build” or “Multiple Platform Build” then the built banks need to be checked in and in the same location on each machine

I cannot confirm that, and unfortunately I was using FMOD for a project on a school computer, which is now closed due to the corona virus.