FMOD with Unity while using Unity's Collab Feature

Hi everyone,

If I’m using FMOD integrated into Unity for the audio for the game I’m working on. The team that I’m working with is using Unity’s Collab feature to keep the project up to date. Would everyone on the team need to also download a copy of FMOD in order to be able to hear my audio work?

Thanks for your help!

Never mind, I just found my answer. Apparently I’m not capable of using a search function in a forum haha.

No worries, the main thing is you found the solution.

I just want to verify that putting it outside of the Assets folder is still the best way to sync Unity collab.

I found this discussion on the unity forum where they specify syncing folders outside of Assets isn’t supported anymore.

Yeah as I understand it, it’s impossible to have Collaborate sync files that are not in Assets any more.

We’re still looking for a workflow that makes sense.

The entire team should not require access to the FMOD Studio Project, they should just require the banks for Unity to use.

To do this:

  • Set the build output directory of the FMOD Studio Project to a folder inside the Unity Projects Asset folder (eg. “Assets/FMODBanks”).
  • In the FMOD Unity settings, use either Single Platform Build or Multiple Platform Build and point it to the folder that contains the FMOD banks (eg. “Assets/FMODBanks”).

Won’t that duplicate the banks in the project since they are then copied to Streaming Assets when building?

I understand @NickBack concern. I’m currently okay with putting the banks in Assets, but I can see an issue arise as the the number of audio files grows.

In this scenario, should we move the banks to a different location (through FMOD settings) when building the game? Or will it not effect build size.

If it will include it in the build, I could place the banks the unity assets/editor folder. I know that folder is ignored in builds, but I’m not sure if it will break anything.

Apologies for responding to such an old thread, but I’m a little new to FMOD and even more so Unity, so I have some concerns. Mainly, we have more than one person working on audio on our team, where originally it was just one. When we have both of them do as directed above, while they can hear the sounds without the FMOD projects using just the banks, each time they build it just overwrites the banks with their own, so there’s no synchronization. What’s the most practical way for multiple people to work on the same project from multiple computers?

It would be best for the sound designers to use source control with FMOD Studio as Unity Collab does not support adding files that are outside of the projects assets folder.