Sharing project after integration

Hi, I’m new to all of this, and this question came to my mind.
My friend shared with me a Unity project, and I’m going to implement some audio using fmod-unity integration.
However, the final build of the game is supposed to be done on his computer.
But he doesn’t have fmod on his PC.
What should we do?
Does he need to have fmod?
Or is there a way to solve this problem I am not aware of yet?
This is my first game, and it’s the first time someone implements audio in his game, so we both don’t know much about it.

Thank you in advance

In the FMOD settings in Unity, change this to either Single or Multi Platform Build and have the built banks available in the project hierarchy somewhere (eg. ProjectRoot/FMODBanks). As long as the built banks are within this folder your friend should be able to use the FMOD integration.