Unity console errors (even though everything seems to work)

Sorry for creating 2nd topic in few days, but for some reason integration is quite rough for us (probably PEBKAC).

Unity version: 2018.3.5f1
FMOD studio version: 2.00

I’m getting several error messages in console, but everything seems to work just fine. I’ve placed several sounds in game and they work as expected.


Prior to that I’ve changed project path and created totally new project to check if there’s problem with those. I’ve also tried to re-import FMOD integration package by deleting everything FMOD-related (when there was no FMOD-related files, nothing appeared in console).


This looks similar to an issue that was fixed in 2.00.01, are you able to update to that or 2.00.02? You may also need to manually delete the FMODStudioCache file to make sure any bad settings are cleared.

Yep, thanks!
This resolved the issue.
One more question: would you actually recommend using 2.00.02 for mid-scale development? Or is it better/safer to go back to 1.10.XX?

2.00 should be fairly stable at this point and I wouldn’t discourage you from using it, especially if there are features in it you wish to make use of.