Unity and fmod integration error CS0102

I’m running Unity 5.5.1f1 and FMOD 2.01.05.
When I import the fmod package(20105) into unity I get this error:

Assets/Plugins/FMOD/src/Runtime/wrapper/fmod.cs(24,29): error CS0102: The type FMOD.VERSION' already contains a definition for dll’

What do I do?

Our minimum supported Unity version is 2017.4 I’m afraid. Can you upgrade to (at least) that version?


I can yes, but I am using this version because my lecturer uses it and all the class tutorials are made for it. So unfortunately I can only take part in class with this version.

That’s a shame. Try an old version of FMOD then.

Old topic, but i’ll take a shot… i’m having the same problem with exactly the same error. I’ve tried FMOD 2.01.09 and 2.0.09 both with Unity (v.5.6.7f1) and it still keeps showing me that error FMOD.VERSION' already contains a definition for dll’… I’ve tried different versions of Unity as well, but didn’t help. Any ideas how i can solve this problem?

Our minimum supported Unity version for FMOD 2.00.xx and 2.01.xx is 2017.4. You’ll need to use Unity 2017.4 or newer.


I have the same error. FMOD 2.02.03 and Unity 2018.4.17f1.

I assume it happened after importing the FMOD package - no FMOD menu appeared in Unity, and 582 beautiful red exclamation marks in the console!

I’m trying to follow the FMODTV tutorial video: Audio for Unity 5: Survival Shooter (1/5) - Up and Running.

Would really appreciate help.



top 2 errors are CS0102, as above. Next 580 errors are CS0229 (!)

Sorted it. Downloaded an older version of the integration package.