Unity FMOD Best Practices?

I’m trying to improve my sound implementation in hopes of fixing my garbage collection memory crashes. Someone mentioned to me that I should separate my banks based on what is needed in each scene and load/unload them as needed. I also realized I should usually pool my sounds in a list and reused them instead of calling dozens of the new sounds for things like rapid fire guns.
Is there a list of best practices for using FMOD in Unity, using FMOD in general, and/or implementing sound in a game in general? Would be much appreciated.

There isn’t really anything like that for our Unity Integration at the moment, although if you have any particular suggestions or requests we can look into adding them.

We do have some info on memory management in the API documentation.

Is this the appropriate place to make suggestions or requests?

This forum is the best place for it, but in a new topic would be best.

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