Unity + FMOD + iOS 14 NO SOUND

Recently, we received some feedback from users that says the app cannot play sound after they update to ios 14.

We then conducted a test under the environment of Unity 2018.4 + FMOD for Unity 2.01 + XCode12.5.1 + iOS. Everything is normal under ios 12, but the sound is gone after being updated to ios 14. There’s no problem reported from the console. The same package can play the sound on another device of ios12. There’s still no sound after we update the FMOD to 2.02.02 on ios14.

Could you please suggest how to solve this issue?

Can you please enable logging in the FMOD Unity settings and send through any logging information you are getting from XCode? One thing you could try is calling FMODUnity.RuntimeManager.CoreSystem.mixerResume() at some point after your application has initilized and see if you get an audio output then. Otherwise, I have verified the FMOD Unity integration is behaving as expected with iOS 14. Does sound work after uninstalling and reinstalling the application after updating?