Unity - fmodstudio.dll not found

Hey guys, I’m having some real issues when it comes to integrating FMOD with Unity, I’m very new to both pieces of software so please let me know if I’ve done something stupid.

I’m currently working on university systems and get error messages when trying to get FMOD and Unity working properly

To my knowledge I’ve installed all relevant files: FMOD Studio 1.04.01, Unit Pro 4.5.0f6 as well as Unity Integration Package 1.04.01.

I’ve create a basic project and event in FMOD, created an event and imported a single piece of audio for example purposes, saved the project, added the event to master bank.

When I click build it creates a folder called “Desktop” with the Build folder hold “.fsbcache” folder, “MasterBank.bank” file and “MasterBank.strings.bank” file, the “.fsbcache” folder holds a copy of the file I added to master bank… I am assuming this is correct.

When it comes to Unity 4, I go to Assets>Import Package>Import Custom Package… and select the fmodstudio10401 Unity Package file, from what I’ve seen it creates appropriate plugin files for it to work.

Contained in the plugins folder are “Android”, “FMOD”, “fmod.bundle”, “fmodstudio.bundle”, “iOS”, “x86” and “x86_64” folders.

I’m assuming so far has gone correctly…

Here’s the strange bit

I’ll go to FMOD>Import Banks and select the Build folder from within the FMOD project,

Now from what I’ve seen online a folder should be created named “FMODAssets”, however no folder gets created and Unity starts spitting out TONS of error mesages, all stating:

DllNotFoundException: C:/Users/d204535/Desktop/World Eater/WorldEaterUnity/Assets/Plugins/x86/fmodstudio.dll
FMOD.Studio.System.update () (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Wrapper/fmod_studio.cs:496)
FMODEditorExtension.Update () (at Assets/Plugins/FMOD/Editor/FMODEditorExtension.cs:44)
UnityEditor.EditorApplication.Internal_CallUpdateFunctions () (at C:/BuildAgent/work/aeedb04a1292f85a/artifacts/EditorGenerated/EditorApplication.cs:224)

I can see the fmodstudio.dll file within the x86 folder when I look for it,

I am working as part of a team of 5 that have 6 weeks to develop this game as part of a competition, and have such tight deadlines, our programmers are stumped as they haven’t used FMOD before,

Please would someone be able to help,

Dan G


Hi Dan,

If you’re working on university systems, is it possible that there is restricted access for operations such as creating directories and copying files?

It is very unusual for this error to start occuring from Update, the DLL will have been accessed numerous times before that. Is that the first error in the whole log? For basic testing of the integration just click “FMOD > About Integration”, that will call into both DLLs to test if the native plugin layer is working correctly. If that brings up a dialog with a version number that confirms that DLLs should be working.