Unity integration: Change the path of banks after Unity Import

I’m doing some test on FMOD Studio Unity-integration plugin (Unity v.5.0.2f1, FMOD Studio v1.06.02, FMOD plugin v1.06.02 on Window 7 Pro 64bit)

It works fine: when I imported banks the first time, it asked me the source path of *.bank files and then copied everything inside the “StreamingAssets” folder into my Unity project.
Then everytime I change/add/remove some events I perform a “Refresh event list” from menu and it works, but it doesn’t ask me anymore about source bank paths so I suppose it saved the path somewhere inside my Unity Project.

Now I need to change that “source” banks’ path, since I’m moving the location of the root Fmod Studio project (that also contain the BUILD folder with all *.bank inside) to another folder

How can I do that without remove/reinstall the Unity Plugin?

Thank you for your reply


Simply use the Import Banks option and it will still reconcile the existing content with the new content the same way Refresh Event List does.

That’s OK it works.

But the problem I still have is : we have 20 people working on the project and since everyone may want to launch a “Refresh Event List” from his FMOD menu (ex when changing the target unity platform), I wish to avoid to set the banks path on every Unity machine. If I know where the path to BUILD folder is saved, I could commit this info on the server so everyone has this already set at project level. (This assume that that path is stored somewhere in the project, not into Unity local settings)

Please let me know

Thank you


I’ve got bad news. The location of the build folder is saved in the Unity EditorPrefs database which is local to each Unity installation (registry on Windows, ~/Library/Preferences/com.unity3d.UnityEditor.plist on OsX).