FMOD Setup Inquiry Seeing Deleted Events

I’m trying to make sure that my FMOD setup is correct.

  • I’ve installed FMOD Studio
  • I’ve imported the FMOD for Unity package into my project
  • In FMOD Studio, I’ve set the build path to a folder in my Unity Project’s assets folder.
  • In Unity, I’ve set my FMOD settings to the following:

Recapping, I think I covered all the steps, and I can play sounds/events, but for some reason, my FMOD Studio Event Emitter’s can still see events that I have deleted from my FMOD Studio project file.

I’ve tried rebuilding in FMOD, refreshing my sound banks in Unity, but the deleted event is still there.

Is anyone available to:

  1. Review my setup and confirm that I’ve set this up correctly?
  2. Advise on why I can still see deleted events?

Thanks so much for taking the time!

Update: I deleted the cache folder and the issue still was not resolved.
Hasn’t anyone encountered this before? I really have no idea why Unity can still see deleted events…