FMOD Setup Inquiry Seeing Deleted Events

I’m trying to make sure that my FMOD setup is correct.

  • I’ve installed FMOD Studio
  • I’ve imported the FMOD for Unity package into my project
  • In FMOD Studio, I’ve set the build path to a folder in my Unity Project’s assets folder.
  • In Unity, I’ve set my FMOD settings to the following:

Recapping, I think I covered all the steps, and I can play sounds/events, but for some reason, my FMOD Studio Event Emitter’s can still see events that I have deleted from my FMOD Studio project file.

I’ve tried rebuilding in FMOD, refreshing my sound banks in Unity, but the deleted event is still there.

Is anyone available to:

  1. Review my setup and confirm that I’ve set this up correctly?
  2. Advise on why I can still see deleted events?

Thanks so much for taking the time!

Update: I deleted the cache folder and the issue still was not resolved.
Hasn’t anyone encountered this before? I really have no idea why Unity can still see deleted events…


Your issue is caused by a mismatch in bank build and bank import locations, causing your Unity project to not have access to up-to-date banks.

You’ve set your banks to be built to your Unity project directory, but you’ve also set the FMOD Unity Integration to use your FMOD Studio project’s path - meaning that while FMOD Unity is searching for banks in your Studio project’s ./Build folder, your banks are being built to your Unity project’s ./Assets/FMOD folder instead.

To fix this, you can either remove the “Built banks output directory” path from your Studio project’s preferences, causing Studio to build the banks to the project directory, or change your FMOD Unity Source Type to Single/Multiple Platform Build and specify ./Assets/FMOD as the build path.

The “FMOD Bank Sub Folder” specifies what subfolder to copy your .bank files to when you build your game, it should have no effect on importing your banks in the Unity editor.

Hope this helps!


Hey thanks so much for the response Louis!

  1. To clarify, if I remove this: (The build path)

It will automatically update inside Unity because I have a Studio Project Path listed in Unity’s FMOD Settings?

I’m just a bit confused because I don’t understand how it will build the banks to my project’s directory if I remove the build path.

  1. I can simply remove the FMOD Bank Sub Folder path, right?

Thanks again for replying to me!

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Yes, but not because FMOD Unity will “automatically update”.

The reason the “Built banks output directory” setting in FMOD Studio is marked as optional is that by default (no path provided) Studio will build banks to the ./Build folder in your FMOD Studio project’s directory, i.e. where your .fspro file is stored.

When FMOD Unity is using the “FMOD Studio Project” source type, it doesn’t look at the “Built banks output directory” that you’ve specified in Studio - it will only ever look for the ./Build folder in the same directory as the path to your project that your specify in “Studio Project Path”, which is, as mentioned above, where FMOD Studio will build to by default if you don’t provide it with a custom output directory.

As such, if you’ve already set the path of your FMOD Studio project as the “Studio Project Path” in Unity, and you remove your custom built banks output directory in FMOD Studio, you won’t need to update any other settings in Unity.

You should be able to remove it without any issues.