Unity Integration EventManager.cs Compile Errors

Hello, I am having issues with the Unity FMOD Integration. My workflow is as follows: I create a new, blank Unity project and then import the FMOD Unity package from the Asset Store. However, I cannot access the FMODUNITY namespace because the compiler says that it cannot be found. Additionally, the compiler print outs a great number of errors from EventManager.cs which state that a number of types or names could not be found. These include ‘FMODPlatform’, ‘FMOD’, ‘Settings’ and ‘RuntimeUtils’. There are a number of other errors as well, including errors which state that the aforementioned names ‘do not exist in the current context’.

I have tried deleting the Plugins folder and re-importing the FMOD package into Unity, but I am still getting the same compile errors. Additionally, I have tried using multiple Unity (2019.3.13 and 2019.3.12) and FMOD versions (20.00.09, 20.00.08, and 1.10.20). I do not what is going wrong or how to fix these errors. My understanding was that in order to use the classes in the FMODUNITY namespace, all I would need to do was to import the FMOD package from the asset store. Is there a step that I am missing? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I’d recommend taking a look at our getting started tutorial that walks through the whole process of integrating in detail here: https://fmod.com/unity-quick-start

We’ve recently updated the guide to include additional steps required for 2019.3.