Unity, newest inegration: SystemNotInitializedException: ERR_Memory Not Enough Resources :

It would appear this is being created by a memory link. I also get an error “Some objects were not cleaned up when closing the scene.” I have not been able to pin this directly on FMOD, although I’m pretty sure it is, since I haven’t written code that creates anything OnDestroy().

FMOD will generally work for through a few scene plays, then throw the error in the subject line. The former error only takes me to the error handling code. The latter doesn’t take me anywhere, so I don’t know what objects are not being destroyed.

This all began with the newest Unity integration (1.07.03).

Anybody have an idea what’s happening here? It breaks all sound. (obviously)

Fixed in 1.07.04.

Thank you! (btw, *memory leak. haha.)