Unity Package (UPM) and Assembly Definitions support?

Hello, is there any plans to support Unity Package Manager later? Or at least included Assembly Definitions (asmdef files) so we can easily use it together with our internal packages?

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You can set up Assembly Definitions for FMOD yourself easily enough (although I would be nice if the FMOD UnityPackage included them as well).

First, you need to create one in the “Plugins/FMOD/src/Runtime” folder. If you are using Unity 2019 then you’ll need to add an explicit assembly link to the “Unity.Timeline” assembly (you will probably need to add the “Unity Timeline” Package in the Unity Package Manager).

Then you need to create one in the “Plugins/FMOD/src/Editor” folder. Set this one to be Editor only, and it should reference the Runtime assembly you created first.

You can then use that first runtime assembly within your own assemblies.

You might need to set up additional assemblies for the ResonanceAudio plugins as well (although I just deleted those from my project because we’re not using spatial audio).

Hopefully I have explained those steps well enough. If anyone finds it confusing I can also upload some screenshots.

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Did my own asmdef similar to what you suggested, but I missed adding the Timeline assembly thanks!

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We do have plans to make use of the Package Manager in the future, at this point we don’t have an ETA though.

Has there been any update on this yet?

Assembly definition files were added to the integration in 2.00.13 & 2.01.05. There is no update on compatibility with the Package Manager at this point.