Unreal 5 "missing modules" integration issue

Hi There.

Following the proper documentation and process. I’ve managed to integrate FMOD to our Unreal project. (Unreal 5.1.1 and FMOD 2.02.15). I’ve carefully read through and downloaded the right files

File name fmodstudio20215ue5.1win64 for the 2.02.15 - Unreal 5.1 integration. And:
File name fmodstudio20215win64-installer for FMOD Studio 2.02.15.

Everything seems to be alright as I managed to test and have sounds in our project. When submitting this to our team’s GitHub repo, my teammates get the following error:

fmod error

The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version: FMODStudio. FMODStudioEditor. Would you like to rebuild them now?

When clicking Yes. Another error says that is wasn’t possible and then Unreal won’t start.

I’ve googled and looked through these forums and the only answers to people with the same problem come from the fact they had a different integration file (most people had the issue with UE4+ and non plus versions, which is not the case since we’re using Unreal 5.1.1)

I re-checked and downloaded the integration files again (from the website as well as the github) to no success.

We’re all using the same version of Unreal, computers have all the same specs and we are all in the same room together. Our Gitignore file doesn’t seem to be affecting this, but just in case here’s what it’s in it:

# Fmod Project

Any idea what could be causing the issue? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Edit: Forgot to mention we’re using a Blueprints project. So no C++ involved

Edit 2: the gitignore file had “.dll" and ".lib” files in it, which seemed to be causing the issue. Hitting this as resolved but should probably leave it up in case other people run into the same issue

Just replying so that we can mark it as solved.