Gitignore for UE5 and FMOD Studio


I can’t seem to find a gitignore for FMOD integration and UE5. There’s one for Unity and it’s even shown when you install the integration but there isn’t one for UE5? Is this because it’s not needed?



Unfortunately, I don’t have a .gitignore on hand, but the following docs section indicates which of the FMOD for Unreal Plugin directories should be included:

Additionally, if you’re planning to use source control for your FMOD Studio project, please see the following info from the FMOD Studio docs on Using Source Control:

It is possible to add a project to a repository by using an external tool such as P4V, Helix, Helix Core, or tortoiseSVN. If you do this, it is important to exclude the following files from the repository

  • The FMOD Studio project’s folders “.user”, “.cache”, and “.unsaved” subdirectories, if present. These folders are only created as needed, and so are not present in all FMOD Studio projects. They may also be hidden from view, depending on the operating system’s settings.
  • The FMOD Studio project’s built bank files if it is decided not to include them. The banks can be built locally after acquiring a local project.
  • The FMOD Studio project’s assets if it is decided not to include them. The assets must be present in a location known to the FMOD Studio project in order to be used, such as a separate folder…