Unreal "Check Project" not working with relative paths

When, from Unreal, using “Help > check Fmod project”
There is a warning about output path, that is wrong when output path is set to a relative path.
Relative path is really useful for anyone not working on his own on the projecs (so 100% of the 1+ users teams :slight_smile:
We can skip this warning , but some time, it could be nice to fix it.next time, you

Thank you for flagging, I can see in UE4.26 and FMOD 2.02.05 that the build path gets set to an absolute path in FMOD Studio which I see could cause issues, but I haven’t been able to reproduce the warning with relative build paths. To help me reproduce the warning, can you please tell me what versions of FMOD and Unreal you are using?

I use Unreal 4.27.2, and these versions.

I can’t reproduce the case today with relative path, I don’t know why. So you can close this case until I find a good repro :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick response !

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No problem, I couldn’t find any issues with the versions you are using either- it might be worth updating the Unreal integration to 2.02.05 to match your Studio version, as that might be causing unexpected behaviour. Please let me know if the issue reappears and I will investigate further.