Unreal: using fmod+internal audio engine at the same time?

Hi. Trying to convince my boss that we should go with fmod for our next unreal project.

The programmers are currently used to being able to do temp sounds along with logic, in Unreal and then I tweak the logic and replace sounds later on in the process. (still in unreal).

Would we be able to do that in the future? I mean, could programmers still use the internal engine and do temp sounds, and then I would take it into fmod later on and add stuff?
In essence, having fmod and unreal internal audio engine running at the same time, and being able to hear sources from both places at the same time?

And is there a good place where I can get info etc on why it is a good idea to use fmod? I know many reasons myself, but want to convince my boss, as effectively as possible. Thanks :slight_smile:

There’s no problem doing that. We do the same on a little project I have with a dev friend. He placed all his temp SFX in the game code (UE blueprints and soundcues), while I provided the music with FMOD. It works well, and could even be released that way.

I don’t think it would be overly complicated to switch SFX to FMOD afterwards, though. It’s only replacing all the soundcues by FMOD events. There’s surely a few advantages to put everything in FMOD, the main one being imo to control everything from FMOD’s mixer, which allows for instance to use snapshots which create relations between SFX events and BGM music output (or conversely), or to use a general compressor or limiter on the global audio output.

Thanks man! :slight_smile: