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My footsteps sounds are working now but they are supposed to be relative to the speed parameter, but I don’t know how to achieve this part in my blueprint.
Someone could help me with the anim blueprint ?
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Currently we only expose two versions of play event. Play attached which creates a component, and play at location which is more lightweight. For now you will have to use Play Event Attached and attach the component to the world, or the character.

We copied this design from the standard Unreal sound classes but we have also noticed that it is too restrictive. We have a task on our list to extend this to allow “Play Event at Location” to be more flexible - either by creating an audio component and returning it, or else by returning a pointer to the underlying lightweight FMOD event instance (and having extra set parameter functions that work on that type).

We are going to extend Play Event At Location to run an Event Instance handle that can be used to set parameters, so as of the next release it should be easy to trigger sounds without needing to attach an audio component with it.

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I changed to Play Event Attached and everything still works fine except the parameter Speed…
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I don’t know really if your answer told me that it’s not possible for now ?

It seems that it miss something ? In Sally’s videos she put an event tick that input the parameter but I can’t get Event Tick in the anim blueprint…

Ok I guess my “parameter blueprint” is working now
Printing the parameter value in game
Connexion animblueprint

But It still doesn’t work… So maybe it could be my studio event setup that is wrong ?
Fmod Studio Event

It looks like you have set up the blueprint correctly. You can try capturing a Studio profile session and examining what is going on. To do that, run the game and then in Studio, connect with localhost. Then go to the profiler window and create a new session and hit record.

Then you can stop the game and look at the profile session. You should see all the events that are triggered see them appear on the 3d “radar” display. If you click on the dot on the radar display you will see the parameter and you should see them change in real time.

Once you get up to speed with the profiler, it should make tracking down parameter changes very easy. Let me know if you run into problems with this.


I made deeper tests this morning and my conclusion is that it is not a problem with the parameter…
I followed your advices and the profiler told me that the speed is correctly driven… I can clearly see two problems now:

  • The Max Voice and Voice Stealing seems to have no effect or I don’t know how it works exactly (old Fmod Designer user inside)
  • I can hear that both multi-sound are triggered
    at the same time.

I took a video to show you the setup and hear what is going wrong: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UEntn10toWk&feature=player_detailpage

Sorry for the delay in responding. The reason the sounds are playing like that is that the sound is played with its initial parameter value, and then the speed is applied. That means the speed parameter is sweeping from the initial value of 0 to the new value, triggering both the slow and fast sounds at the same time.

What you want is to set up the parameter and then start the event. To do this, modify your blueprint to disable the “Auto Play” checkbox on “Play Sound Attached”. Then set speed as you are currently doing, and then trigger the audio component “Play”.

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Thanks for supporting active users! it works fine now!