Replaced sound file can't be loaded

Hi there,

I’m new to Fmod and I think I made a mistake. I wanted to update an existing sound file in my Fmod project by simply importing the new version via the audio bin. Then a message appeared where I clicked ‘replace file’. But now there’s an ‘unused’ icon shown next to the file and when I look into my events Fmod says ‘failed to load file’.

Isn’t there a simple way to just relocate the missing file? Do I have to delete the events and create new ons? That could be difficult because I’m sitting on a project created by another more experienced person :smiley:

Hope someone can help me out.

Ok solved it… I had to drag and drop the audio file from the bin to the event.
But maybe there’s an automatic option?

I’m not sure I understand what problem you are experiencing. Assets are tagged as “unused” if they are not used in any of your project’s events.

Do you mean that the old file was tagged as “missing?” That should only occur if the original file was deleted; if so, you should be able to solve the problem by selecting the old file and selecting “Replace with” from the context menu to replace all instances of the old file with the new one.

Hey Joseph. Thanks for your reply!
The old file was not tagged as ‘unused’. It worked correctly before.
I just imported the new versions of the sound files via audio bin. Then moved them into the right folder and selected ‘replace’ to overwrite the old versions.
Then suddenly all of the replaced files were tagged as ‘unused’.

Aha, thanks for the clarification. I was able to reproduce the behaviour you described; it looks like Studio isn’t handling replacing one imported audio file with another imported audio file as intelligently as it could. We’ll look into possible solutions.

In the mean time, you should be able to avoid this issue by dragging new versions of the files into the same folders as the old versions when importing them, rather than after importing them. If you do this, the old version will automatically be replaced with the new version, and all instruments using the old audio files will update to use the new ones.

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Perfect! Thanks for the fast reply and for the tip, I will try that out :slight_smile: